Sunday, May 26, 2013

My Prep Process

Some information about my prep process…. All wooden pieces are left out in the sunshine for a minimum of three days and put in quarantine in order to check for bug infestation. If the piece does have bugs, it is discarded. NOT ONE PIECE HAS HAD BUGS! 

Next, the items are cleaned with an environmentally-friendly TSP substitute and Murphy’s Wood Soap and warm water until the water runs clean. I work with environmentally-friendly materials whenever possible.

I use water-based latex paint and primer and mix my own chalk paint; even the paint sticks are reused for other projects. My goal is to create as little waste as possible. Even rusty hardware is reused for accent pieces, shadow boxes, etc.

The fabric I use comes from upholstery samples, vintage fabric from old clothing, and my own collection. I have a fetish for textiles. :-)

It’s time to get busy sanding and painting!

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